Therapeutic Touch

I recently read an article published in Massage & Bodywork’s November/December 2017 publication; Lessons of Compassion by Karrie Osborn. The article discusses Therapeutic Touch and its co-founder, Dolores Krieger.

Dolores Krieger. PhD, RN co-founded Therapeutic Touch with Dora Kunz, natural healer and clairvoyant. Therapeutic Touch is a technique that according to Maryland Medical Center, is “based on the theory that the body, mind, emotions form a complex energy field” (Therapeutic Touch International Association). TT  has it’s beginnings in the late 1960’s; a time when the human potential movement was in full swing. The therapy facilitates universal energy and centers around two key components, Intention and Compassion. With hands held 2 – 6 inches the client’s body, the therapist will assess and balance a client’s energy (Osborn, 2017). Therapeutic Touch International Association describes it as “a consciously directed process of energy exchange during which the practitioner uses the hands as a focus to facilitate the process”.
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