Forward Head Posture is a common cause of pain…


Forward head posture is a common cause of pain that often results from “chronic dysfunctional postural patterns” (Lowe, 186). Instead of forward, the head should ease back so the ears are in line with the shoulders. The farther the head moves forward from it’s gravitational center the more stress is placed on the posterior cervical extensor muscles. “For every inch the head moves forward from it’s gravitational center, it feels if it weighs an additional 10 pounds” (Dalton, 2017). The head does not actually become heavier. Instead, the brain perceives the head as heavier due to the added effort required to hold the head from falling forward (Lowe, 186). The habit of pushing the head forward to stare into the computer (as one example) “allows the brain to map the forward head posture as normal” (Dalton, 2017). Tension and myofascial trigger points can cause neck and head pain. Massage is an excellent way to treat tension and myofascial trigger point referrals that can develop from forward head posture.





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