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Blending modalities based on a client’s needs: Swedish/ Circulatory massage, myofascial and deep therapeutic techniques. Massage reduces muscle tightness and relieves muscle soreness. By increasing blood flow to local capillaries, massage helps to bring oxygen and nutrient rich blood to muscle tissue. Massage techniques using compression, kneading, stripping, gliding, and engagement help to relax muscle tightness, promote balance in the body, increase body awareness as well as address myofascial trigger points. Myofascial trigger points are hyper sensitive areas in the skeletal muscle. When pressure is applied they can be tender and refer pain.

60 Min:   $80
75 Min:   $95
90 Min:   $110

Package Deals = Savings! 
Series of 5 sessions – 60 minute 
Quantity: 5     Retail Price: $400     Sell Price: $320

Series of 5 sessions – 75 minute
Quantity: 5     Retail Price: $475 .     Sell Price: $380

Series of 5 sessions – 90 minute
Quantity: 5     Retail Price: $550 .    Sell Price: $440

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Massage Benefits:

  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Encourages body awareness
  • Releases holding patterns
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Relieves muscle soreness
  • Improves sleep
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