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Massage helps to alleviate pain, discomfort and promote deep relaxation. My sessions blend modalities Circulatory, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point. Read More

Sometimes called Swedish, this modality is what most people think of when they hear the word massage. Some of the strokes used are long gliding strokes (Effleurage), kneading (Petrissage), and Tapotement. Circulatory helps loosen tight, constricted muscles and brings nutrient rich blood into the muscle tissue. Circulatory massage promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and relieves tired, painful over used muscles.

Deep Tissue
Addresses the deeper layered muscles. Learn More

Trigger Point
Myofascial Trigger Points are hyper sensitive areas in the skeletal muscle. When pressure is applied they can be tender and refer pain. I combine a cross fiber technique and pressure points with Circulatory massage.

60 Min:   $80
75 Min:   $95
90 Min:   $110

Package Deals = Savings! 
Series of 5 sessions – 60 minute 
Quantity: 5     Retail Price: $400     Sell Price: $320

Series of 5 sessions – 75 minute
Quantity: 5     Retail Price: $475 .     Sell Price: $380

Series of 5 sessions – 90 minute
Quantity: 5     Retail Price: $550 .    Sell Price: $440


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Massage Benefits:

  • Treats chronic pain
  • Relieves tired and over used muscles
  • Encourages the release of holding patterns
  • Promotes a state of deep relaxation
  • Quieting the mind and easing tension from the body, massage reduces stress
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